Cryohazard - Official Trailer

Pilot your train caravan into the depths of a devastating Soul Storm and fight off the angels that give chase.


  • Strategic survival: A unique, single-axis, turn-based combat system where accelerating/breaking lines up your cars with enemy targets.
  • The power of storms: Navigate through storms that apply enemy debuffs such as acid rain, heavy wind, hail, and more.
  • A Roguelite journey: Stronger angels spawn deeper into the soul storm, along with powerful new abilities and enhancements.
  • Prepare your caravan: Change the arrangement of your caravan to execute different strategies. Each car has unique abilities and strengths.
  • A concise experience: Unlock the True Ending by discovering the nature of the soul storm. A successful run takes ~30-60 minutes to complete.


As you race across several post-apocalyptic landscapes, phantoms will descend from the soul storm to stop you. Accelerate and break to align your cars and activate your abilities before they chase you down and destroy your engine.


I woke 3 years ago to find myself completely ALONE.

My family was gone, the city empty- everyone vanished without a trace.

And then one night, while struggling to fall asleep, I HEARD them again. A hundred million whispers crying out.

I looked on the horizon and saw a STORM OF SOULS moving towards me, freezing trees and burying everything in its path in snow as black as night.

Over the last few days I CONSTRUCTED a caravan with enough weapons and supplies for me to run for weeks.

But as the storm crept closer with every passing day, I realized the truth.

There is no escaping it. I am helpless against the totality of it.

If there can be any hope, it is to reach the eye itself. To go THROUGH the storm.

I will meet you there.




  • Developer/Publisher: BossyPino
  • Release Date: 6/14/24
  • Platforms: Steam,, (coming soon to GOG)
  • Regular Price: $4.99
  • History: Cryohazard was developed in only 6 months by indie developer BossyPino. It is his first official release, and he loves it like the strange and unique little game-child it is. Currently, Bossy has just wrapped up localizing the game into Russian, and is working with a localization team to create a Chinese translated version. Art by: Salt&Pixel (asset/UI art), Rettroper (promo art).
  • Inquiries: [email protected], or on discord @bossypino




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