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I’m an indie game developer interested in exploring strategy, survival, and horror. You can visit here to check out my current projects, as well as hear my thoughts on games and game development.

My DAW (FL Studio) showing off the song Sparse and Varst- Trailer Version

The Cryohazard soundtrack has arrived!

First order of business- check out the video below or click here to listen to the Cryohazard OST: I have a place in my heart for all of these rockin’ doom-tinged songs. And now you don’t even need to buy the game to enjoy them 🎶. Creating the sound of Cryohazard Playing, writing, and enjoying…


Majora’s Mask ruined normal games for me

My 12 year old brain had a hard time with Majora’s Mask. I still remember opening up the Christmas gift and seeing a new GameCube along with the Zelda: Collector’s Edition. I was filled with that kind of excitement you can only really have at that age- pure and total happiness, even if I had…

Eyes in the dark- concept art from upcoming RPG project

My next game: an absurd, dark humor RPG

I always love starting new projects. It’s more of a curse than not- it’s how I’ve managed to accumulate a mountain of unfinished and unreleased games and content over the years. Midway through the toil of a game, when programming is at its most frustrating, and player feedback is ringing harshly in my ear, I…

Cryohazard Steam RU localization

Cryohazard Dev Log: And then along came a Russian translator

To set the scene- it’s less than a week until the release date of Cryohazard. This was going to be my very first full-fledged game launch. I was fixing bugs, reaching out to influencers, and all-around feeling surprisingly prepared for the day of days June 14th. A day over 6 months in the making. And…


Talking about Cryohazard on a podcast

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Mike with The SWW Show, self described as ‘a podcast about video games and film from the perspectives of hosts who have experience in the entertainment industry and video games industry.’ Click here to check out the the interview. How did it go? It was an interview…

Screenshot 2024-04-30 154722

Making a strange little video essay

Link to the video essay here. I’ve released my first video essay on the strange and surreal RPG OFF. What was my process, and what things have I learned to take into the future? I’ll talk about my experience researching, writing, voice recording, and video editing. Why analyze games? Video games have been a constant…


OFF – The Fear of Impurity and the Masque of Red Death

‘I have a sacred mission to fulfill. I must purify the world.’ OFF is a French RPG created in 2007 by Mortis Ghost, with an incredible soundtrack by Alias Conrad Coldwood. It’s been praised for its surreal storytelling, rich environments, and it’s memorable characters. It’s a game I’ve adored ever since discovering it a decade…

digital art piece of a futuristic train moving through a snowy, acid green, wasteland with skeleton angels chasing

Devlog #4: An art director with 0 art skills

As a gamedev who does everything except art, how do I make sure my game ends up not just pretty, but uses the best style to sell the experience?


More indie devs should be making roguelites

Making a case for indies using the Roguelite formula to make better games.

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